Saturday, 16 May 2009

and while on the subject of codpieces

...I hope it is sufficiently clear to people that a codpiece is something you wear (if you are so inclined); not a part of the human body. One Jamaica Layne is clearly under the impression that "codpiece" is a euphemism for "penis".

The knight gives me a knowing smile, and jiggles his giant cock in my direction. “You look like a fair maiden in need of a good visit from the codpiece,” he says

He grins wider. “Your lady-softness told me herself when she was wrapped round my codpiece.”

I'm horribly, horribly tempted to read this book.


Ananth said...

As I am sure that we will be the first to know out here when you unearth the truth behind "codpieces" !!! BTW, dont you think that the euphemism could be an intentional one - at least there is some relevance to it.
And the state of the women/girls of the era mentioned is quite sad. :(

Aishwarya said...

Considering the general level of quality in those quoted sections, I doubt there's intentional anything!